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5 Reasons Why “Coming Out of the Closet” With Your Spirituality Is Easy

I’ve heard it a thousand times.

“Thanks for being so transparent!”

“I love how open you are about your ‘woo’ – I wish I could be that way!”

“At home I [insert obviously spiritual behavior/preference/etc. here], but there’s no way I could be that way at work — I work with [insert career type that people believe won’t “get it” here] so it would be a nightmare if they were to find out.”

And I get it… believe me, I do. I get the blank stares you’ve seen before from people when you talk about “energy” or crystals or your “intuitive hits.” And I get why you wouldn’t want to invite those in. I get the fear of being ostracized or even losing your job or a client if they were to find out.

Despite the way it may seem, I’ve been there. Which is why I can confidently tell you: that fear is bullshit.

Yeah I said it. And I’m not saying you are BS. But boy oh boy are we programmed to believe the world doesn’t accept something that is innately a part of it; something that everyone at their core not only has access to, but on some level understands, feels, or believes.

Want proof? Yeah, I don’t blame you. If someone had said the same to me 10 years ago, I probably would have insisted on proof, while staring in disbelief.

Here’s 5 reasons why it’s easy to be open about your spiritual beliefs and have them be well received by the world.

 1) At the core, it’s simply a feeling.

No matter whether the people you’re speaking with are religious, atheist, consider themselves spiritual, etc., the things that really matter – the deep knowing, the feeling of being guided by and connected to something greater, the calling to love and to create a better planet – it’s all a feeling. When you connect with the feeling you have that’s ultimately the same as theirs, and you go to the feeling them, they get it. We all do.

2) Have you ever considered others are just waiting for you to “get on the dance floor first”?

The other day I was talking to my partner’s mom about something deep – I mean something so private about her son (my partner) that she thought everyone would think she was crazy if she were open about it. She said to me “but who can I talk to about it? No one will accept it and get it.” When I explained to her that some of her family and friends already knew – and were totally accepting – everything changed. Now she’s talking openly about it and just getting that the perception of non-acceptance by others was something she made up. Even with an illness that’s totally stigmatized.

It’s the same with spirituality. There are droves of people out there who believe what you believe and/or are interested in going deeper into their own sense of Spirit. They are just waiting for others to bring it up so they can feel safe to do the same.

3) When you get you’ve just been trying to protect yourself, it becomes easier to let it go.

At our core, we’re all connected. You know this, yes? So then hear this: anywhere where you perceive yourself as separate is just something your brilliant ego has devised in an attempt to keep you safe. This applies to moments where we feel people don’t or won’t “get it” and to all times where we feel different from others. Sure, the engineers at your work may not play with crystals and talk to Angels (or they may, who knows!), but they will connect with the feeling, the deep knowing, and all sorts of spiritual concepts (like everything being energy) that can also be scientifically proven.

When you release the need your ego has to protect you and get that it’s safe now to talk about what you believe, you’ll be surprised how even some of the same things you’ve said before that have been met with dead ears will shift to be met with acceptance and even excitement.

4) Let your words guide you.

I’ve been in New Zealand for the past month with my partner and his family. If I had a dollar for the amount of times they’ve used a word – in the very same language – that I didn’t understand, I’d be rich. So often we get used to speaking about our spiritual beliefs in a language that is perfectly normal to us, but is only typical among certain communities. I’ve done this time and time again. We don’t notice that the words we’ve been using with other spiritual people for ages aren’t actually used in mainstream society. And so we use them, and automatically assume that the blank stares we’re met with are because people don’t get it. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The core principles of your spiritual beliefs have been around quite literally as long as this planet has existed. To have them be understood in discussion, it’s simply important to use language that everyone can understand. When you do this, you’ll find that the brilliance and the depth that you feel within you is in everyone you meet. It just needed to find a way to be communicated

5) The only way to handle fear is love.

Even when you’re still scared, still unsure of whether something is safe to share, and even in the circumstances that you’re met with what you were fearing – it’s an opportunity to practice what you believe.If you’re spiritual, you get at the core that it’s all love. And the only way to counter fear is with love. So on the chance that you open up and it is met with a negative reaction, it simply becomes an opportunity to love more deeply.

As you begin to apply all of this, keep in mind that it takes practice. The more layers of unnecessary protection you peel away and the more clearly you learn to communicate your deep knowing, the better it will be received. So don’t give up – keep coming out of the closet bit by bit and trusting that your desire to do so means it’s time!

Are you ready? I’d love to hear your thoughts on coming out spiritually and even your stories on what has worked for you so far!

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