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Can Anger and Rage Actually be Helpful?

What is the hardest emotion for you to work with? For many of us, anger and rage are the most difficult emotions to process, and if you allow them to get the best of you, they can thwart change. 

Anger and rage can prevent you from getting to where you want to be

All of us have to deal with dictators in our lives. Sometimes, these are literal dictators and at other times, they’re just people who act like them. You constantly feel like you’ve hit a brick wall with this person. No matter what you say or do, it feels like you cannot win with them.

If you try to talk a dictator into experiencing love, it just doesn’t happen. In the worst scenarios, these dictators can gaslight you into thinking that you’re the one who did something wrong. Perhaps the dictator in your life is even a person that you love…or maybe it’s your boss… or a business partner…

Either way, the solution seems to be to get out of their way and let them do their thing. Otherwise, you’ll feel that surge of anger and rage rise up when you’re dealing with this person.

And that can lead to challenges…

If you allow yourself to get angry with your boss, for example, you thwart the possibility of career advancement. At the same time, it’s equally troubling to allow that anger to rise in your system and stay there. You may wallow in it, which thwarts change in its own right as it leads to you feeling like a victim.

What to recognize about anger and rage

Anger and rage can actually open doors. I know it sounds crazy and impossible. The way we’re taught to work with our anger seems to close doors. When harnessed, however, anger and rage can open doors and create natural boundaries that allow you to achieve what you desire.


Trust your sacred rage.

In my next few posts, I will delve deeper into this topic. For now, please understand that anger, when processed, can be as useful as any other emotion.

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