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Changemakers: Are You Making This BIG Truth Mistake

I want to talk today about a very common downfall that I see happen with those of you who are trying to create change by doing what you know to be true. It could be change in company culture, your home, or your family. Maybe it’s societal change or your leadership team that you’re hoping to shift in some way to grow your business more powerfully. It could be anything!

No matter what kind of change you are trying to make, when you hold onto something that you know is true, you are often creating a complicated web that becomes difficult to let go of.

I’ve noticed that when this happens, the way that you communicate the truth becomes like a web of truth and this web of truth becomes no different than a web of lies.
Yes. A web of truth becomes no different than a web of lies.

This truth that you’re holding often comes from a knowing deep inside of you. I refer to it as the “deep knowing.” It’s a powerful part of yourself that is meant to be used as support, but many of us have layers of protection around that truth. 

You might be holding onto that truth so tightly because a part of your psyche – like a part of you that’s not really you – is trying to protect that truth. So you hold onto it very, very, very tightly.

the web of truth

For example, how many times have you witnessed someone holding onto something that you know isn’t true, but they believe it so strongly? They get wrapped into a web of it and it convinces them that they’re doing the right thing.You, however, see that is harming people. It could be a political group, an environmentally corrupt company, anyone. No matter who they are, it can be really hard to break through to them.

But when you hold onto a web of truth, I don’t care how true and how supportive it is, you become unconsciously and tightly wound into it. The problem with this is that people can’t receive your truth, because it feels like a web to them.

So what I invite you to do instead is to hold your truth with lightness. Like if you had a bunch of Christmas lights that were tangled up, you’d have to be very gentle. You’d have to lay them out to see where the first knot is to get to the next, to get to the next right.

And I’m not necessarily asking you to unknot your truth in the moment when you’re trying to communicate with someone. When you hold what you know to be true with more lightness, it invites in what they know, whether it’s true or not.

And you can find more truth in between both of you…

So you can find some sort of a common point or a common ground that helps them relate to you. And with that lightness, your truth is going to carry a lot, lot farther, a lot farther.

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