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Uncertainty and fear of the unknown

Embracing Uncertainty and Fear of the Unknown

When I stopped expecting certainty, I became whole. When I allowed the unknown and uncertainty to become my partner in co-creation, I began to enjoy the process of life every single day, no matter what. Yet, embracing your fear of uncertainty is easier said than done. It’s not something you can just “choose”. It requires a shift in mind AND body.

In this video, I share how you can embrace uncertainty and the fear of the unknown to begin processing where it comes from on a DNA level.

I recently put out a call for questions to our Modern Day Sorcerer Community. A number of you wrote back asking for help in embracing uncertainty and fear of the unknown. In this current time of the pandemic, uncertainty is everywhere, but it has always been a part of our everyday lives. That’s why embracing uncertainty is perhaps the most important thing that we can learn to do, pandemic or not.

Creation moves in a spiral – it moves around and around, it isn’t linear. So, whether you’re creating a business, a firmer foundation for your family, or the ability to travel, that creation is a spiral, just like a
Fibonacci sequence.

You might plan in a linear fashion, but the support you get from the universe to create the things that you desire will show up in an unknown way. Basically, the spiral can’t be planned. There are mathematical equations that do show it to you, but our minds don’t usually work that way. Therefore, uncertainty is one of the most instrumental, and also common, elements of the human experience.

So let’s dive in! I’ll share a tool for how to embrace uncertainty and dissolve fear of the unknown.

claim ownership of your uncertainty

When uncertainty comes your way, your mind starts trying to predict the outcomes. Any time your mind focuses on circumstances and people outside of yourself, it’s diminishing its own power to create. And it is not in the truth of the here and now – in the truth of what is possible in space and time.

I’m going to say that one more time. Anytime your mind is going in the direction of something that’s outside of you, be it a circumstance or a person or something that’s separate from you it is not the most powerful place from which you can create. It’s also not the most powerful place to access space and time to be able to create in the now.

What we need to learn how to do is to claim ownership and bring your thoughts back to your sovereignty. Anytime you’re in uncertainty, claim ownership and bring it back to your sovereignty. So here is how we do that. 
There’s a spectrum we’ve got going on, right? The spectrum is saying, “No, it’s not mine, this uncertainty, this fear, it belongs to somebody else because they are the ones who have the power to say yes or no to this situation. It belongs to my money flow, to the health of the person that I love. It doesn’t belong to me.” All of which is untrue. Even if those circumstances are true in the finite physical form the co-creation of the circumstance is really within you.

when you move from “not mine” to “mine” it’s the beginning point of being able to claim ownership, which will help you dissolve uncertainty and fear of the unknown. 

Moving from “not mine” to “mine” we’re working with another spectrum; the mind and the body. When we’re in a place of uncertainty and anxiety and fear of the unknown, what comes with it is a sense of overthinking.  

feeling vs. thinking about uncertainty

You’re overthinking what might happen. Your mind is in the future. Now that thinking doesn’t serve you. But the thing is, when your mind is constantly reeling, it’s bringing you into anxiety and away from creation. Moving away from thinking to feeling will allow you the space you need to create what you desire.

Moving from thinking to feeling will allow you to patiently sit with what is. Feeling shows you where there’s fear to dissolve and what’s underneath; longing to be felt and processed. There you will find the deep divine support always available inside of your body.

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