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systematic spiral

How is the transformation process of The Spiral Leadership Methodology “Systematic?” 

Let’s begin with a metaphor.

(Note: If you’re not a metaphor person and would prefer to just cut to the chase, scroll down!)

Imagine you’re standing in front of the house of your dreams.

Now, because this is the house of your dreams, it’s also perfectly acceptable if it exists in multiple locations at once, if it shapeshifts to fit different needs, or if it’s five times bigger than any house you’ve ever set foot inside. 

This house represents your deepest desires. Therefore, anything is possible.

Maybe you’ve spent hours gazing upon the outside, or you’ve spent time dreaming up what’s inside of it.

Yet you realize that nothing will compare to the experience of actually living inside this home.

Now, imagine that you’re suddenly given the keys to your dream home.

But you can’t figure out how to use the key to get inside.

After years of trying, many failed attempts, and countless difficult lessons, something finally clicks. The key turns open the door, and you’re inside!

The excitement you experience to finally be inside of your home quickly turns to overwhelm, confusion, and fear…

Because you begin to realize that your dream home is far more complex and vast than you could have imagined.

Your home is infinite. And making use of something infinite – especially with limited time and energy and the needs of your business, team, and family counting on you – seems impractical and daunting.

Many people in this circumstance do one of two things. 

They either attempt to explore their infinite home outside their daily demands – which keeps its abundance, beauty, and wisdom separate from their business, relationships, and family needs.

Or, they deem the house either too much of a “luxury” or too overwhelming and abandon it – putting up walls around it.

Those who get inside and stay there more consistently often still struggle with how their home’s vast and complex nature correlates with the vast and complex nature of business and life.

This home is a metaphor for the attempt at soul exploration that many leaders experience.

  • So how do you get inside the infinite home that is your soul?
  • How do you make sense of its infinite landscape?
  • How do you use it to get practical results throughout business and relationships
  • How do you stay consistently connected to this well of infinite wisdom even when you’re busy, and your plate is full?

With the Spiral Leadership Methodology, we use a systematic process to open the door, make sense of the infinite nature of your inner landscape, and use it to get practical results throughout leadership, business, and life.

It’s a process that will allow you to transform and grow the impact of your contribution even when you’re busy and your plate is full.

The Spiral Leadership Methodology will help you get off the hamster wheel of endless personal growth and needing someone else to guide you.

Here’s how:

In the Spiral Leadership Methodology, we strategically take through the “rooms” of your soul to unlock metaphysical mastery, layer by layer.

As you master *access* and *optimal use* of each layer of your internal power and wisdom, the next will rise up to show itself to you, and so on.

With each layer you peel away, you simultaneously learn (i.e., remember how) to access more advanced parts of the systems within and around you. 

We work with:

  • the interwoven systems of your mind,
  • your greater consciousness,
  • your body,
  • your energy field,
  • the unique wisdom within your soul,
  • and Spirit – which includes the systems of business, collective consciousness, and interpersonal relationship.

The structure and flow of the Spiral of Creation (i.e., the Fibonacci Sequence) guides our process so that each layer helps you connect more profoundly to the systems of Creation within and around you.

Each step builds a foundation for the next to be ready to unlock organically…

Growing your access to these Universal systems in the timing that is most supportive for both your soul and your external creations of business, leadership, and relationships.

This allows you to expand into your infinite nature as a leader without the risk of investing time, money, or energy into growth that isn’t sustainable.

The Spiral Leadership Methodology will take you on a systematic and layer-upon-layer unlocking, hand in hand with the Spiral of Creation, causing your growth to be sustainable.

This will allow you to develop a firmly rooted, unshakable foundation of growth within you, your business, and your life.

As your foundation stabilizes inward, the laws of expansion will activate – allowing you, your life, and your business to be supported by the exponential structure and flow required to do, be, have, and love it all.

Most programs, coaching experiences, and modalities attempt to access growth by throwing darts at things that have worked for them in the past.

This creates a linear process that only scratches the surface of what’s possible. It keeps leaders stuck in guesswork, trying to pull the needle from the haystack of what “could” be the obstacle…

Which prevents some people from getting results; and limits the possible outcomes for those who do.

This ultimately keeps leaders from accessing the innate metaphysical nature of their past, present, and future…

And such access to the wisdom and alchemy of time is a requirement to achieve sustainable and scalable growth in all areas of business, relationships, and life.

Instead, using the Spiral Leadership Methodology, we activate a systematic process of unlearning, which guides you deeper into the innate wisdom of Source perspective inside of and around you.

This removes the guesswork and helps you get straight to each and every core cause of your inner and outer obstacles – in every aspect of business and life – without fail.

With each layer you peel away, an equal and opposite layer of ‘creator power’ simultaneously opens up inside your inner and outer landscape.

This means you’ll fully embody your spiritual wisdom instead of intellectualizing it.

And you’ll embody metaphysical mastery that creates exponential impact *and* fulfillment, professionally and personally, with much less time and effort.

The Spiral Leadership Methodology is the only process that will guide you to embody every ounce of your spiritual wisdom; in every aspect of business and life; even when you’re busy and your plate is full…

Getting you off the hamster wheel of endless personal growth and needing someone else to guide you.

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