Frequently Asked Questions

Clarity of purpose

How will the Spiral Leadership Methodology help me clarify my purpose?

One of the core elements of what makes us human is that we get to experience ourselves as creators.

Yet, genuinely knowing yourself as a creator requires co-creative capacity with the Divine (Source, Universe, God – whatever you prefer to call it).

Your purpose isn’t only up to you. Instead, it is a calling that is facilitated by something bigger than you.

Purpose isn’t something that happens suddenly and then never changes again.

Trust me. I have been very clear on my purpose from a very young age. And yet, still, it continues to be an ever-unfolding ride.

Purpose is an ever-evolving relationship that requires an ever-deepening inner awakening.

Within you is a unique expression that has always existed throughout space and time.

Purpose is the unfolding of this expression as it pertains to your human experience and what you contribute from this embodiment.

Your essence is designed to weave the tapestry of our shared human experience in a way that no one else can.

The Spiral Leadership Methodology takes its students on a path of awakening to a unique well of wisdom that can only be found through the alchemy of your current experience.

No matter where you currently stand on your path to purpose, there is more clarity to be found.

In fact, the ability to continue to open to the expanding clarity of your purpose is just as important as connecting to it in the first place.

The Spiral Leadership Methodology will:

  • Unlock the inner knowing that clarifies your purpose
  • Show you how to discover your purpose and the next steps to execute it woven throughout your personal and professional life.
  • Teach you how to use your current circumstances to awaken a path to purpose that lights up in front of you.
  • Guide you to become the embodiment of the calling that beckons you;
  • Help you break through barriers – including systemic barriers and resistance from others – to achieve the change you wish to see.

All of this is possible through the systematic process of unfolding that the Spiral Leadership Methodology facilitates.

It will unlock the metaphysical connection between your inner knowing and your deepest wounds so that the timing of the past can facilitate the future from the present.

The methodology will bring you into the embodiment of your greatest gifts. Most people find this aspect to be a profound awakening – because what most people believe to be the embodiment of their greatest gifts is actually born through intellectualization and protection mechanisms that block full expression.

As you shift from the unconscious protection and intellectualization of your gifts into experiencing and embodying them, your path for expression and leaving a legacy with those gifts will become much clearer.

As the methodology opens you to experience purpose, it will then teach you to see, feel and know the metaphysical connection between the circumstances that appear in your business and life

And Creation’s guidance to use those circumstances to express your purpose and co-creative capacity in new ways.

Suppose you doubt whether a clearer sense of purpose is even possible for you. If that’s you, it’s important to realize that the unfolding or purpose is one of the key elements that the Spiral Leadership Methodology was designed to do.

Many years ago, as the methodology was unfolding and guiding me to create it, one of the key things that stood out was the unique wisdom it would guide each person to unlock within themselves.

To find out more about how this work can support you in your unique path of purpose, and the specific results that could come out of it for you.

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