Frequently Asked Questions

I’m afraid I won’t understand what you offer. What happens if I don’t?

Simply put, you do not need to understand this work to reap the benefits and results you desire from it.


I recognize that sounds counterintuitive, so let’s review why that is…

Developing a mental understanding of something can only take a person so far in their transformation.

Did you know that the prefrontal cortex, or the thinking brain, can only process about 40 bits of information per second? Whereas your physical body processes 40 million bits of data per second.

This means your body can and will process information that your mind cannot.

Attempting to make the mind understand what your body is already processing will only distract you from allowing your body to process transformation and wisdom that your mind cannot.

Our attachment to a need to “understand” or “figure things out” can thwart our ability to comprehend on deeper levels. After releasing the need for logic, many layers and levels of comprehension, consciousness, and inner wisdom are found.

When we seek to intellectualize something, it becomes conceptual but not embodied. To lead change, to be deeply fulfilled, or live a life of true meaning, we must embody what’s important to us rather than intellectualize it.

As a society, we tend to use intellect as a defense mechanism to protect ourselves from the much more profound knowledge, awareness, and consciousness that exists in our bones. We aim for, discover, and embody this inner knowing in this work.


When students let go of the need to understand things intellectually, they reap more significant rewards and results.


Many facets of this work are not meant or intended to be understood by the cognitive, thinking brain. Trying to do so would be like asking your taste buds to describe sight or your ears to describe smell.

Instead, the facets of this work that aren’t available to the cognitive brain will become more deeply experienced and comprehended by your consciousness and innate wisdom.

You need not know how to get there. The Modern Day Sorcerer Methodology will teach you how to get to the layers beneath intellectual understanding. Or, if you already know how to do this, it’ll help you go beneath where you’ve gone before.


When exploring what I offer, no matter where you fall on the spectrum of “understanding,” remember this:


Experiential understanding has far more wisdom, power, and awareness of use than intellectual understanding. And to experience something, we need to let go of the meaning, expectation, or perception that we know what awaits us.

Whatever your sense of “understanding” of this work, taking the next steps into this work will help you come home to a much deeper sense of inner knowing and soul comprehension.

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