Frequently Asked Questions

Is this coaching?

The short answer is no.

I did, however, identify as a coach for a chapter in my life.

Many, many years ago, when I ran a business in Silicon Valley, while embedded in the start-up community there, people began asking me to coach them.

I resisted because I knew with every cell in my body that I was not a coach. Eventually, the calling became strong enough that I couldn’t say no.

And yet, even when I started coaching, I still knew deep down that I wasn’t a coach.

One of the biggest reasons for this:

I knew in my heart that each human being carries a unique wisdom – the threads of which must be expressed through them – authentically.

Even when I was a coach, I wasn’t coaching. Instead, I was helping people open to door to their unique well of wisdom, walk inside of it, and learn how to harness it for their work in the world.

I am now not at all a coach. Instead, I’m more like an “anti-coach.”

To be clear, I am by no means anti-coaching. In fact, a number of my beloved students are coaches.

If you are here, however, chances are you don’t need a coach.

You don’t need someone to impart what they believe their wisdom to be onto you.

Instead, if you’re here on this page, chances are you are ready to become your own sherpa.

I’m like the sherpa that dissolves into the ethers as she guides you up the mountain.

With every step you take up the mountain, you’ll feel more connected to it and more connected to yourself, so that by the time you get up to the top, you’ll feel so whole and powerful that you won’t need me.

You’ll be able to scale any size mountain from here on out without needing help from someone else.

What does this mean logistically? I will teach you how to discover and use the structure and flow of the systems inside of and around you to experience a consistent space and vibration of transformation that’s more profound than what you could experience with a coach.

I will help you ignite and activate the metaphysical energy inside and around you. You’ll remember – on a soul level – how to use this activated energy to expand your contribution in business and life.

And I’ll teach you how to connect to the authentic power and flow of Source energy and how to use it to bring tangible results to your business, leadership, and relationships.

It’s more sustainable and scalable than coaching because I’ll teach you to train yourself to get results without me. You’ll learn how to live in a daily experience of transformation and metaphysical mastery long after our work together is complete.

This work is about systems and energy… structure, and flow.

It’s a process that is non-linear, yet structured and systematized.

It will meet you where you’re at in your capacity as a leader, move you beyond the plateau, and carry you into the internal and external growth you’ve craved…

And give you the internal knowledge of expansion to carry you through every season of business and life as long as you continue to live and create.

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