Frequently Asked Questions

Is this witchcraft? What is the sorcerer thing?

Let’s clarify a few things first…

Sorcerer comes from the word Source… meaning the Source of all Creation.


It has nothing to do with witchcraft, spells, conjuring spirits, or magic.

My take on those things?

I don’t judge anyone for their personal choices. However, I don’t feel the need for external attempts to make life happen. Rather than manipulate the forces of life, Creation and life are to be danced with.

Life happens through us, and we can only co-create with it when we know this and allow it to be so. Being a sorcerer is about understanding and harnessing the energy of Source as it flows through you, your business, your relationships, and your life.

It is not about believing that you are the only creator, nor is it about believing that you must live in fear of life.

Instead, we come to this planet to experience ourselves as co-creators. Through this process, we become closer to Source/Spirit/God/the Universe (whatever you call that bigger energy).

The biggest misconceptions about “sorcery” come from society’s long history with patriarchy.

Within life, we have yin and yang, feminine and masculine.

The feminine is equally as important to your development, leadership, and business as the masculine.

Yet, fear of the feminine has prevented society from being comfortable with the unknown – i.e., the energetic nature of all things.

At Modern Day Sorcerer, we prefer to relate, communicate, and innovate with the innate power of Source.

This is not a power we can “have” or “possess.” Instead, it’s an authentic power that flows through us when we open to its guidance.

Whether you believe that the concept of a “Sorcerer” has been manipulated by patriarchy, fear of the feminine, or an attempt to control the masses…

Or whether you believe there are people out there who misuse energies and manipulate others with “magic”…

The work of Modern Day Sorcerer is here to dismantle all forms of false power on all ends of the spectrum.

By learning to distinguish between the dark and light inside of ourselves, we transform the matter of what was never truly “us” to begin with.

By clarifying and committing to Source perspective as a guidepost, we break down the barriers of our own egos that cause us to act from false power…

To break down the barriers of false power in our business..

Inside of our team…

In our family and anywhere harmony is lacking in our relationships…

And to break down the barriers of false power inside the world’s systems that most need transforming to create a better world.

It is authentic power that does this. And authentic power is found through an authentic connection to Source, God, the Cosmos, or whatever you call that bigger energy.

A sorcerer does not misuse power because they know that true power comes only from Source.

It does not “belong” to us and must be shared.

In this commitment to allowing Source perspective to guide our every step, authentic power flows through us. When we are open to it and learn to harness it, it breaks down the barriers of false power inside and around us.

The Modern Day Sorcerer methodology complements all religions.

I have had numerous students for whom religion is important – Christian, Catholic, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist, and beyond. Every one of my religious has found consistency between their religious beliefs and the work I offer. They have compared work they’ve done with The Modern Day Sorcerer Methodology to verses in the Bible, the Quran, the Torah, and so forth.

Similarly, those recovering from religious oppression have found their unique relationship with Source/Spirit/Universe.

From spiritual to religious, atheist to devout, my students find congruency with their beliefs – as what I offer is based upon Source wisdom that resides in the consciousness of all of us.

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