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financial return

What is the financial return of this work?

Everything in your reality and experiences is *in some way* correlated with the experience you came here to this planet to have.

To be clear, this does not mean that “you create your reality” in the sense that you cause everything in your life to happen. The conversation between your external and internal world and ‘why’ things happen is much more nuanced than that.

However, as you explore the subtleties of your internal landscape, the energy within and around you, and what’s required of you to experience and express greater purpose…

You will discover countless ways in which your external reality has been occurring to guide you to a different outcome.

As we go through the systematic process of embodiment, soul remembering, unique wisdom, and transformation that is the Spiral Leadership Methodology, you will experience changes that previously seemed impossible to achieve.

These changes will happen on a felt level – meaning inside of you.

And they will occur in equal amounts on a tangible level – meaning improvements will occur throughout your leadership, relationships, business, and resources.

The forms of transformation that come through applying and embodying the Spiral Leadership Methodology are endless. 

Although our students experience many forms of transformation based on their unique goals and desires, some form of ROI is inevitable with this work.

It’s important to be aware that the Spiral Leadership Methodology creates lasting, as well as scalable change. This means that our students experience a great deal of additional ROI after their experience working with us.

Below are some examples of ROI that our students and community members have had through this work:

Inner results leading to ROI:

  • Feelings of financial freedom, trust, and flow with money >> leading to ease in letting go of money and allowing it to replenish its supply when needed.

  • Resolution and healing from self-sabotage, addiction, and all kinds of behaviors that aren’t supportive of living the life you desire >> leading to more creativity, motivation, and momentum on your goals >> leading to business and career growth.

  • Clarity and trust with decision-making >> leading to making decisions that support business growth and financial flow.

  • Emotional freedom >> leading to clarity, peace, and ease in making sound decisions that fuel financial freedom.

  • Learning to use chaos as an opportunity to grow >> leading to focus, peace, groundedness, and presence that led to promotions, business growth, and better financial planning.

  • Understanding how their business is impacted by collective consciousness so that they can rise above the fear, uncertainty, and chaos in the world >> leading to freedom to grow their business and experience stability even when the world is unstable.

  • Becoming capable of doing in 5 minutes what used to take them 5 hours >> leading to increased productivity *and* increased time for themselves >> leading to starting a new business at record speed.

  • A deep, intrinsic sense of balance – leading to better leadership of their team >> leading to increased motivation, productivity, *and* innovation on the team >> leading to business growth.

  • Healing from perceptions of competition >> leading to rising above the masses and growing their business even in a crowded, noisy space.

  • Tapping into unique wisdom that led them to build new businesses that were more fulfilling *and* profitable.

  • Making sense of internal gifts and learning how to channel them to increase revenues.

  • No longer being perceived as arrogant >> leading to their team being more motivated, honest, and meeting KPIs at double their previous pace.

  • Healing from a mental illness that was deemed “impossible” to heal >> leading to a career transition that involved adventure, travel, and salary increase that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

  • Healing from a physical illness that the Mayo Clinic had deemed “incurable” -> leading to restored well-being >> leading to a return to work they love and the financial flow that came with it.

  • Balancing “warrior” side with “gentle” side >> leading to people showing more respect in their leadership >> leading to increased opportunity in business.

  • Developing the confidence and trust they needed to take bigger leaps >> allowing them to travel the world while growing their business (at the age of 71) >> finally experiencing a level of financial freedom they’d given up on having.

  • Feeling confident in their internal gifts >> allowing them to build a business with their spiritual gifts at 80 years old.

  • Bringing the vibration of transformation and embodied spiritual principles into the corporate environment >> leading to becoming a sought-after speaker in healthcare technology.

Outer results leading to ROI:

  • Greater ease with saving and investing.

  • Paying off their mortgage in months instead of years.

  • Increased harmony, connection and collaboration in the family >> leading to unshakable presence at work >> leading to more opportunity, people leaning in, better decisions, focus, discipline, and creativity >> all leading to growth in business, career promotions, etc.

  • Clients literally *asking* them to triple their rates, leading to an immediate 3X in monthly revenues.

  • Tapping into untapped market and customer base >> leading to growth beyond what “competitors” are capable of.

  • Creating opportunities where it previously felt impossible >> leading to new job offers.

  • Doubling and tripling of salary.

  • Transitioning out of draining leadership positions to ones that are more soul-satisfying *and* pay better.

  • 10Xing the size of their team while also building more commitment from the team with less time spent on this than it took for them to grow their team in the past >> leading to rapid scale of business while *also* improving their relationship with their spouse.

  • Attracting clients who are more aligned with the company’s bigger vision >> allowing them to match revenue growth with purpose-based impact.

  • Becoming the only company in their arena to survive an economic downturn.

  • Transitioning from a team that counted on them for everything to a team they trusted to run the business with them >> leading to stability that helped the company scale when the rest of their industry was failing.

  • Closing investment deals with VCs who previously didn’t believe in them.

  • Spontaneous healing and harmony with ex-spouse causing them to no longer have to pay alimony.

  • Speeding up the growth the “ebbs” in business brought them -> leading to a faster return in flow >> leading to increased revenue.

  • Discovering unexpected revenue streams.

  • Being promoted to a President position after landing VP only six months prior.

  • Growing the foundation of their business to a much more solid place, allowing their company to be unshakable by economic fluctuations.

  • Breaking through barriers that colleagues and clients have put up to avoid change >> leading to alignment of efforts >> leading to reduction of money spent to move projects in the company forward.

  • Taking an M&A deal on the brink of collapsing to moving through to completion on the same day.

  • Getting a job offer for a prestigious biotech leadership position with only a high school degree and only one year after exiting 36 years in prison >> leading to career fulfillment and a salary that 5xed what they’d previously earned.

  • Creating ease and harmony with previously “toxic” company environments >> leading to multiple hours freed up >> leading to more time and energy to grow their own business -> leaving the day job and 3xing business revenue.

  • Opening three new locations of their company in six months.

  • Getting a mainstream publishing deal for two books for work that the mainstream previously wasn’t willing to accept.

  • Dissolving unnecessary friction in their corporate leadership position >> freeing up more than 15 hours each week >> giving them time and creative drive to build a new company.

  • $100M in fundraising in less than a year.

If you’d like to understand what kind of financial ROI is possible for you with this work let’s chat. 

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