Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this work not for?

Although The Modern Day Sorcerer Methodology serves a diverse group of leaders, there are people for whom this work is not the right fit…


Here’s an overview of who this work is not for:

* If you don’t have much experience in business or leadership, this isn’t for you.

* If you’re in the early stages of business or entrepreneurship and unclear about what you need to do regarding strategy to get off the ground, this isn’t for you.

* This is not for people who care very little about the well-being of society, their loved ones, or our planet. It will cause you to care about the world, so if you have no interest in doing so, this work isn’t for you.

* If you believe there’s only one form of truth and that truth is finite, this isn’t for you.

* If you want someone to tell you what to do or spoon-feed you the answers to your questions, this isn’t for you.

* If you want to rely on logic, linear processes, and the left brain alone, or if you need everything to be black and white, this work is not for you.

* If you do not believe that everything is energy and have no interest in discovering or working with the energy inside you, your business, and your life, this work is not for you.

* This work is not for you if you prefer a boxed-in, “just tell me what to do” approach to leadership and business development.

* If you prefer to remain in your comfort zone and be comfortable with every step, this work is not for you.

* If you think that all of your problems are outside of you and do not believe or acknowledge that it all comes back to you, this work is not for you.

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