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When What You Want Changes: Finding Wholeness to Make the Right Decisions

It’s not if, it’s when. Inevitably, what you said you wanted will somehow, some way, morph into something else. It may be the next organic step from what you wanted – maybe you got it, you satisfied that desire, and you’re now moving on to what’s next. Maybe what you thought you wanted all of the sudden seems off kilter, and you find yourself wanting something different. Life experiences will do that to us. Or maybe something happens, your world shifts, and what you wanted before no longer fits in with the dynamics of your life. The only predictable part of life is change.

When change is forced upon us it’s often jarring. And yet, when that change happens within us, it can take even longer to work through. We often run from it before we are willing to look it in the eye. Be it attachment to what you once wanted, stubbornness or insistence upon what you declared before, judgment toward ourselves for changing our minds; there are so many reasons we delay change when it’s brewing inside of us. So how do we find a still space within ourselves to recognize when change is needed? And how to we bring ourselves to a place where we’re comfortable making a decision to shift something, and in turn make it happen?

Ultimately, it comes from a place of wholeness. It’s a finding of comfort, ie. wholeness, within our bodies, minds and hearts where we love ourselves so deeply, that walking through each day (despite the crazy-seeming world we live in buzzing around us) becomes easy, simple, peaceful, and joyful. We settle into our mind, calming it, setting our monkey mind at peace; causing what was once an over-thinking of decisions to cease. We think things through from a more intuitive level, with only the logic that’s needed, sans over analysis. We find wholeness in knowing.

The connection with our hearts grounds us into our spirit, where what we truly desire becomes clearer. Our hearts are able to block out external programming and messages, and tell us what we want, not what someone else wants. They are like the GPS of our souls, only keying in to the direction we need to go. When we’re in the heart space, wholeness – that sense of true unwavering self – is ever present, and decisions become obvious; changing course to make change happen becomes seamless.

Given a connection with our minds and hearts, our bodies then house the two, allowing us to drop into what’s ours. We may move into our bodies to get present in our minds and hearts, or conversely, doing so may move us into our bodies more easily. There’s no right process here, but stepping out of the external, and into our own bodies gives us the grounding we often need to know what decisions truly belong to us. Change seems less scary, and a whole lot simpler when we’re in the space of our bodies. All that we might have feared fades away, because we realized that every step we need to take can come from us, in a fluid, now-not-so-overwhelming way.

All wholeness really is is a piecing together of what we already are; a coming home of sorts. When we can do that, when we can step into wholeness, and find comfort there, recognizing the need for change and taking the steps toward shift from impossible to possible, from scary to hopeful and exciting. And when we experience hopeful and exciting, change doesn’t seem like “change”, but “yippee, yahoo, I can’t wait” and “are we there yet?!”

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