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Finding Your Purpose and How to Unlock The Roots of Your Existence

You’ve come to this planet for various reasons. Many of those reasons have to do with knowing yourself as a creator and finding your purpose. Your interaction with this awareness is what initiates the “becoming” process of who you’re really meant to be on this planet. 

This is the process in which you become the embodiment of your calling or your purpose… and it becomes part of your energy field, guiding you to grow as its ambassador. With this in mind, there’s a new paradigm that you’re continually moving towards. The moment you experience this paradigm as being here now, the more exciting your journey will become.

But what do you have to do to embrace this new paradigm fully?

It all comes down to what I call your existential root.

Embracing Your Unique Purpose and Paradigm

Your existential root is the foundation of your unique expression that has existed and will exist, in every lifetime or incarnation.

They feel like roots because when you connect to them, you feel anchored to the “home” that is your unique expression and purpose. You feel simultaneously nourished by the soil of experiencing yourself and your life as that expression.

The becoming process is deeply rooted in your existential beingness. And from this perspective, it’s twofold.

There’s your existential beingness as it lies within your core desires. It comes down to the roots of your “why” underneath the change you wish to see. This is not the typical “why” that most people ask when they wish to wrap their minds around something.

Instead, this is the “why” that doesn’t require – nor benefit from – thought. 
It’s a WHY that has already answered itself for you through the deep inner knowing you were born with. 

  • Why is your heart drawn toward the change you wish to see? 
  • Why are the things that are important to you so completely and utterly connected to you? 
  • Why can you feel the pull to deepen, expand, or create? 

And if you’re not doing those things, why do you feel like something is missing?

As you allow and ultimately become the why of these questions, the roots of your existence will start clarifying themselves. They’ll start showing you the way through your becoming process and purpose. And then there’s another dimension that you need to explore… 

How does your “why” relate back to the experience you’re currently having?

Whether your experience today is what you thought you wanted or nothing of the sort, the experience you’re currently having is intrinsically connected to your existential “why.” As you dive deeper into your “why” and find the experiential connection between it and today, your roots will bring you back to the change you want to see within yourself.

This is a very powerful position to be in. It allows you to expand and truly become the change that you want to see. You won’t resign to judgment or beliefs that the things and people around you will stay the same. Instead, you’ll take ownership of the change you want to introduce. And you’ll start transforming the world around you.

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