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person meditating with purple aura contemplating their well of wisdom

Follow the Breadcrumbs to Your Well of Wisdom

There is a well of wisdom that lives deep inside of you. Think of it as a potent, yet completely open-ended space. This well gives you access to all of your unique gifts. It gives you access to guidance in your business and it allows you to clean out the wounds that have been in the way of achieving what you desire.

The well also helps you stabilize and speed up the growth of your business. It shows you the next steps; what your team needs from you; and where you can let go.

Follow the breadcrumbs to your well of wisdom

The challenge lies in finding your well of wisdom. This is where you follow the breadcrumbs. For example, you may have a vision during a moment of prayer or meditation. That vision could lead you to another vision. Following that second vision leads you to a sensation that you physically feel within your body. T
his sensation could lead to an opening of energy within yourself that allows you to achieve what you desire.

Now, sometimes you may feel like there are no more breadcrumbs for you to follow. You go to where the vision is…and you find nothing else. That’s okay. When that happens, go a layer deeper into the breadcrumb. Dig beneath the vision or the sensation and find out what lies underneath. 

You may find the next breadcrumb you’re looking for when you go down a layer. Or, you may need to dig several layers deeper to find what you’re looking for. Just keep digging through the layers and you’ll discover the next breadcrumb. And when you find it…follow it!

Eventually, those breadcrumbs will lead you to your well of wisdom.

It doesn’t make logical sense, at least at first, does it? But that’s okay. The well of wisdom doesn’t make logical sense…until it does. Be okay with it not making logical sense as you follow the breadcrumbs, as it will all become clear when you find your well.

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