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How Anger is Like Gasoline

In my last post, I talked about some of the most difficult emotions of all – anger and rage.

We’re taught that processing anger involves closing doors. For example, if you have a dictator for a business partner, you avoid that person because allowing your anger to bubble up can thwart change in your life. When we do this, we allow intense emotion to get the better of us. 

Anger has a purpose of its own if you learn how to harness it

To demonstrate this, I have a question…if I were to hand you a can of gasoline, what would you use it for? You could use that gasoline to cause harm, cut from integrity, and use it to burn down a home or a village, or you could also use that gasoline to hurt people and cause some serious damage.

I’m sure you wouldn’t, of course.

Another option is that I could hand you the can of gasoline and you choose to set it aside. You don’t use it at all, which means the gasoline goes to waste. And finally, we have our third option…you could use that gasoline to benefit you and your community. Maybe you could use it to light a fire and create warmth for those who need it. Or, you could use it to power up a vehicle and go to amazing places where you can live out your purpose. 

Anger is like gasoline and gasoline could be the one thing you need to achieve what you desire. 

If you use gasoline to light other people’s houses on fire, you use it in a way that’s not in alignment with what you want to create. But if you use the gasoline of your anger to power up your car or create warmth, it becomes an important tool for achieving your purpose.

Your feelings of anger and rage can help you to dissolve whatever is in the way of expressing the truth of your warmth. And when harnessed, it allows you to express more warmth than you ever have before.

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