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How I Still Get Work Done While Staying Committed to Personal Growth

Personal growth can be this deep, watery, sometimes very emotional endeavor that seems like it’s holding you back from taking action and getting things done. What I want to make clear is that you have time for both. You CAN commit yourself to personal growth while actively getting work done for your business and/or showing up for your family.

What’s my secret to getting a lot done while maintaining my practice of deep personal growth and self-development

make your personal growth a priority

I decided that my personal growth means just as much, if not more, to me than anything else in my life. It seems like an insignificant step, but once you’ve made the case to yourself about how important it is to you, then you will be more likely to actually show up.

When you look at the place where you’re needing to grow and you move into it and focus on it, you will grow quickly. And then, when you get to work, you’ll actually get a lot more done! And because I’ve prioritized my growth, I’ve actually learned to process things in the background (like a computer downloading files while you’re actively working on something else). Your body, which is really your space for processing on a DNA level, has the ability to do that.

So when you prioritize your growth you will:

  1. Get focused on your work faster and help you take more action more quickly.
  2. Learn to download and process things in the background while you’re showing up to work, which supports you in being able to take more action.

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