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How to Achieve Fulfillment in Both Your Personal and Professional Life for Greater Impact

The daily grind makes it hard to stay connected. Connected to your unique wisdom and gifts, your passion and zest for life, your family, and to yourself. It’s as if you always have to give something up to be the change you wish to see and achieve genuine fulfillment.  

Chances are, what you really crave is much deeper than just balancing your professional and personal fulfillment for greater impact. What we all want is an anchored, nourished aliveness that won’t disappear when the pressure is on. Even when our days are cramped with meetings, deadlines, and raising kids, we want embodied expansion, inner power, and a sage-like presence that sustains us. Yet, even with personal growth work, finding this kind of fulfillment remains elusive.

introducing the impact conundrum...

The impact conundrum is a state of always being drained, exhausted, or unbalanced by your drive to make an impact. It’s exhausting enough on its own but often gets worse. Everything you do to feel fulfilled could become a full-time job if you let it.

  • Perhaps you’ve achieved a lot and you’re still not completely fulfilled.
  • Or you’ve achieved deep personal or spiritual growth, but you still feel like there’s deeper to go – and it just won’t show itself to you.

The back and forth between attempts for impact and fulfillment seem to lead the two further apart from each other. The conclusion? It doesn’t matter how much you achieve. Plaguing feelings of  “there’s got to be more than this, deeper to go than this” will always be there if you think that it’s normal for the imbalance to exist. Don’t allow a fuller version of yourself, your leadership, or your life to remain like a carrot on a stick, always just out of reach.

The truth is, it’s easy to do this, to push the feeling of achiever’s angst to the back of your mind and pretend that it doesn’t exist. When you do this, you’re lowering the bar for the quality of life that you know deep down is meant to be true for you.

  • It’s playing into the status quo – of your creator power, your inner power, and your unique soul expression.
  • It’s hard to escape – even if you know you’re powerful.

This imbalance and the traps that it perpetuates are built into our culture and the obstacles to overcoming it look so very real.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle of all, however, is the fear of your own power.



This is the space where passion and purpose match with consistently growing impact. Where your personal and professional fulfillment feed each other. In the sweet spot, you go to bed and wake up with inspiration and motivation that comes from the depth of your soul…

This might sound like a pipe dream, however, when you reach into your soul and connect to how truly powerful you are, you realize it’s not.

The difference between the average leader, and a Sorcerer School leader, is that Sorcerer School leaders know how to craft their lives from the seat of their soul. They have learned to identify the ancient essence of themselves that has always existed in every lifetime and will continue to exist long after this one.

When you’re in the Sweet Spot, impact fuels fulfillment and fulfillment fuels impact.

The relationship between personal and professional fulfillment and impact becomes self-sustaining and scalable! Thus the more you have in one area, the more you have in the other. When you find the Sweet Spot, you consistently expand your capacity to create in the space in between the paradox.

Life, business, your relationships, your money, and your inner being-ness all become fueled by one abundant, harmonious source. You find peace and renewed presence, even during the periods when life is at its most hectic.

So, how do you achieve this sweet spot between personal and professional fulfillment?

And, most importantly, how do you stay there when you’re busy and your plate is full?

  1. First, we connect to the energy systems inside us, and around us. Life is made of energy. We are made of energy. Flow is what you achieve when you learn how to use your innate power to work with energy to co-create a life you love.
  2. Then, we learn how to dance with The Spiral of Creation. You may remember this spiral from my book, masterclass, or my last email. This is the always-moving, all-knowing creative energy of life. When you learn to dance with it you become unstoppable. You develop the power to merge forces that seem impossible to unite. Life’s paradoxes are meant to propel you forward, rather than hold you back.
  3. Finally, we sit deep enough in the seat of our soul to discover our unique, fingerprint-like purpose. When you locate the fullness inside of you that IS your purpose, the roadmap becomes clear…

And inside of that roadmap, lies the answers to your unique sweet spot between impact and fulfillment. More than living out your purpose, you learn to infuse its fulfillment into who you’re being in every single moment.

Achieving these three things lands you in the Sweet-Spot between impact and fulfill

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