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surrender and choice

How to Activate Surrender and Choice Together

Imagine that a mile from you lies a magical kingdom of all your desires and purest intentions, but between you and the kingdom, there’s a big pool of surrender. If you try to avoid the pool, you’ll have to take lots of action. 

That’s what I talked about in my last post, not allowing yourself to surrender means that you have to do a lot of hard work, often with little to no avail. Sure, it’s an option to go around the pool of surrender. But if you do this, you’ll miss the doorway to your magical kingdom. The other option is clear enough – get in that pool of surrender.

Now, the thing about surrender is that it can feel incredible. True surrender feels joyful and magical. But if you don’t have choice activated…this isn’t how you’ll experience it. It becomes impossible to dive deep into your pool of surrender. You’re not all the way in after all. At best, you can play in the shallow end. Worse yet, the pool won’t seem like it’s filled with water, but quicksand.

When choice isn’t activated powerfully enough, the line between surrender and giving up gets blurry. Choice is the key to go all the way into the pool.

We think that choice is only about taking action. But it’s also the key to surrender.

If you don’t consciously choose surrender, you’re not swimming through the pool to get to your magical kingdom. Instead, you’re trying to battle the quicksand that keeps pulling you in.

Another way to explain it is like being stuck in Jell-O and trying to get out. There’s this unconscious push and pull that keeps making you struggle. Surrender makes us come alive. But without choice, we don’t go deeply enough into surrender. You never get to the place where you feel like you’re so alive…The moment you activate choice, this quicksand or Jell-O turns into water, allowing you to dive all the way in!

When you dive all the way into surrender, life births you out refreshed, renewed, and ALIVE. Not only can you smoothly swim toward your kingdom, but you’ll also enjoy the experience with every fiber of your being. 

So when you go into the pool surrender, do it consciously and powerfully. That’s how you can swim towards your magical kingdom effortlessly.

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