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woman contemplating how to find her buried treasure with vast sky and big tree

How to Dig Beneath the Surface and Find Your Buried Treasure

When you’re looking for buried treasure, there are multiple tools that you need. since that treasure sits somewhere under the ground, you need some tools to help you dig down toward it. 

Now, I’m not talking about physical tools here. You don’t need to run out and grab a literal shovel or anything. 

Instead, I’m talking about three tools that live inside you.

Three tools to help find your treasure

1) Patience 

You know that the treasure is under the ground somewhere. You just don’t know where and you haven’t gotten there before. Patience is the tool that enables you to keep searching for your treasure when you’re not sure exactly where you need to dig.

2) Stillness

If you can’t stay in one place for long enough, you may struggle to find your treasure. Imagine you’re looking for real buried treasure right now. Staying still in one place means you can tap on the ground, use your metal detector, and understand whether it makes sense to start digging in a certain spot.

If you’re not present and still for long enough, you’re not going to hear the ground.

3) Feeling Safe

If you don’t feel safe to start excavating, you’re never going to find the buried treasure.

All of these tools apply when you’re searching for the buried treasure within yourself.

  1. You need patience so that you stay the course even if you start experiencing difficult emotions, like frustration.
  2. You need stillness to allow yourself to stay in one place long enough for your intuition to get to work. Staying present allows you to understand if digging into one specific spot will lead you to your treasure.
  3. And you need to feel safe inside of yourself. If you don’t feel safe in connecting more deeply, it’s much harder to find what you’re looking for.

Perhaps you don’t feel safe enough to start searching for your buried treasure just yet.

My advice is to start practicing sitting inside of yourself. Spend five minutes every day doing this so that you feel safe inside of you.

When that feeling of safety comes, you can start using the other tools to find your buried treasure.

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