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present moment paradox illustrated with carefully balanced rocks on the beach at sunset

How to Face the Present Moment Paradox

Right now, you might be creating something that has never existed on the face of the Earth. After all, this is what innovation is. All of the energies of all things do exist in space and time, but their physical manifestations don’t exist in the present moment or may have never existed.

Perhaps you want to create a product that nobody has seen. On a more micro level, maybe you’re just exploring a version of yourself that has never been here.

Either way, this is not a simple process. It requires you to co-create with life, which involves some meaningful work. Specifically, this process invites you to embody the creative energy of your future self while still being present. This is the Present Moment Paradox which often confuses people.

So, let me explain…

Even though time is infinite, things still happen in a sequence. 1 pm will always come before 2 pm, right? Everything that you want to do in life comes next to something else, but your future self might be so far away that you can’t see it. You can’t connect with something that you can’t see, it’s just too hard to trust what doesn’t exist. And so, you fall out of your Creator self. 

This lack of trust is ultimately what limits people on their way to their dreams!

There’s always a next level to which you can rise, a future self that you can meet, but it becomes harder to achieve when you don’t have trust in the present moment.

So, what’s the solution?

You want to experience your dreams and goals right now, in the present moment, to bridge the gap and start moving forward. When you do this, you’ll realize that your dreams do exist. You can trust every moment on your way to achieving them. 

At the same time, you’re in the now and embodying the creative energy of your future self.

Now, I get that this might not seem easy at first glance. In my next post, I’ll dive deeper into this paradox and show you how creation works.

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