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How to Harness Creative Rage

Anger and rage have the potential to be destructive forces inside us. They can cloud your judgment and lead to you insulting others or even becoming violent toward them. Rage can pump up your ego to the point where you can’t see anybody else’s perspective. You believe you’re right and your anger prevents that viewpoint from getting challenged. This is what I call the self-destructive mode of anger and rage. 

When anger acts as a destructive force, it can cause us to bury our emotions and even cause physical harm.

That leads us to some questions like; how can we use anger and rage in more constructive ways? How can you learn to trust the sacred rage within and harness it so that it serves a purpose in your life?

Understand that rage is a tool that you can use to create something amazing.

Think about the death and rebirth process that exists inside all things. Anger and rage are destructive forces, which means that it is a death process. It destroys things. However, it’s that very destruction that can lead to the birth of something wonderful.

Think back to the anger as gasoline metaphor that I shared in my previous post. In that example, you use gasoline to create warmth for your community. It’s the fuel for the fire that helps others. However, that gasoline needs to get burned up to create that warmth. You may even pour it on wood, which means the wood has to die to create something with purpose.

This applies to your business and community, too. For example, your rage may get focused on a policy in your business or life that isn’t serving and supporting people. In this situation, you harness your anger as a force to destroy that policy.

Once the anger has been processed within you… once you embody its healing, you can take action that breaks down barriers. That opens the door for you to create something new. Something more fulfilling that serves your purpose in life.

This is creative anger. Creative anger is ego death. It destroys to make way for us to create. So instead of allowing anger to become a self-destructive force, think of how you can harness it to burn down your barriers and create something new.

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