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man experiencing low-vibe emotions

How to Harness “Low-Vibe” Emotions for Impact

Has anyone ever told you that what you’re feeling is a “low-vibe” emotion? Have you ever said that to someone else?

I’ve seen this happen a lot. We tend to see emotions on a spectrum of “low” to “high” vibrations. I get that you might think that viewing it that way would help you move toward the “positive” emotions. But what if I told you this isn’t true?

Labeling emotions as having low or high vibrations means that you’re judging them without seeing the bigger picture. 

For low-vibe emotions, this usually means wishing them away. We all want to feel good, right? You want joy, happiness, and fulfillment. If you could choose your emotions, you’d always choose the “positive” ones…right? 

But of course, life is more complicated than that. From time to time, you’re bound to feel some things you don’t want to feel and I’m here to tell you that that’s ok.

Don’t avoid your “low-vibe” emotions! It’s easy to think things like: 

“Oh, I’m noticing a low vibration, I’ll just raise myself to a higher one.” But as you try to do so, you’ll notice it doesn’t quite work that way. You’ll try to force yourself into positive thinking. 

The best you can expect in this case is wallpapering rainbows and unicorns over your experience. Even if you can somehow manage to feel better at the moment, you’re just coating the new experience on top of what’s already there. 

Ignoring and avoiding negative emotions is neither sustainable nor productive. 

A much better alternative is to understand the fundamental truth of the human experience: 

  1. All emotions are beautiful! 
  2. There’s no such thing as low or high emotions. 
  3. Whatever you’re feeling is perfectly valid and is there for a good reason.

With this in mind, the true way to joy is to accept and assess any emotion that arises. Greet it without judgment and just explore what’s there.

From this space, you can work through anything that comes your way. You’ll be able to truly invite more of what you want to feel.

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