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How to Have a Difference of Opinion With Someone You Love

Having a difference of opinion with someone that I love has actually been the story of my life. I’m usually the one to take big leaps and make decisions that don’t seem to make sense to anyone else; often causing a difference of opinion between myself and my loved ones.

And after years of it, I’ve found so many ways to overcome it. I’ve discovered how to create peace and harmony in my relationships and allow any difference of opinion to be okay. Learning to embrace differences of opinion and not merely accept them enables me to express myself and live in the truth of what I desire.

So, today as I share how to have a difference of opinion with someone that you love and how to handle it. We’re not just going to look at the practicalities of “Let bygones be bygones”, “Just let it slide”, and “Just make peace and make sure it’s all okay”, because those approaches can be constraining and keep us boxed in.

Most of the time when we feel strong about our own opinion, it’s because there’s something inside of us that’s wanting to expand…

I’ve seen countless examples of this with people who want to dive into any of my Sorcerer School programs. They can’t really explain why or how to their spouse or their loved ones. Sometimes it’s about the financial investment, but other times it’s about what they know deep down inside – maybe spiritually, maybe about their vision or how they’re meant to expand. That might cause fear or uncertainty in their loved ones. 

What I found, however, is that by standing strong in what feels true for them, they’re able to come out on the other side – where what they knew in their
hearts already also becomes what feels true for their loved ones. Let’s examine how to act on your own in a way that allows expansion and brings you to the other side of peace and harmony with your loved ones.

So let’s dive in. Let’s look at four ways to have a difference of opinion with your loved ones and how to handle it.

1. learn to be okay with paradox

Now relationships unto themselves are paradox. What I mean by paradox, is when there is one truth and there’s another truth that is different and appears to be an opposing truth, what is created is paradox – opposing truths.


Relationships onto themselves are paradox. You’ve got YOU, and you’ve got ANOTHER PERSON and you are your own version of your “God self.” Even if we are not acting in our truth or are not fully knowing of our truth, we unto ourselves are a version of the truth, as are our loved ones. 

When we can learn to be okay with two different truths that appear to be opposing inside of the same container, what is created is far more magical than what would happen if we tried to homogenize everything. 

2. understand that your desires and differences of opinion can only catalyze what's ultimately in the best interest and highest good of another person's.

I don’t mean wants and the things that the ego thinks it wants. What I’m talking about are the things inside of us that we just know, deep down are right for us.

Our desires don’t always make sense, but we know when there’s something that is in our highest good. We know when there is something that we’re supposed to achieve, or something that we’re supposed to bring about in our lives or on the planet.

When we have a desire that cannot interfere with the desire of another, our desires only bring about more good and more love. Even though someone else might tell us or perceive that our desires are going to thwart theirs, it cannot ever be true.

They key is understanding our truest, deepest desires. When push comes to shove, once we really go into them and begin to live them out – can only ever be the love that supports others and their truest, deepest desires. It allows us to act on those desires, no matter what’s going on with those around us.

3. practice sovereignty

Now this one is perhaps the very hardest. We live inside of these unique and individual bodies, souls essences, but we’re actually not taught just to live inside of them as uniquely ourselves.


When we come into this planet, we come into it with wounding with imprinting with limiting beliefs and all sorts of wounds stored inside of our DNA that have us perceiving on some level that we’re not loved or that we are not loving. And those unconscious beliefs can sometimes get in the way of allowing ourselves to trust and to know that we are loved and to trust and to know that what we are doing and who we are being is loving to another.


Those unconscious beliefs can sometimes have us acting in codependent ways, unconsciously trying to make sure that those we love are taken care of, or are okay – just to protect ourselves on some level, or out of perceived protection on some level.

But sovereignty actually creates more love.

When we can find a home inside of ourselves and come home to live inside of ourselves – trusting that everyone around us will always be okay inside of themselves – it allows us each and all to create and take space to have our own experience.


What happens with sovereignty is that if somebody that we love is going through something challenging – instead of us clinging to it and trying to make it better, which actually thwarts their experience and stops them from growing and does not make it better – what’s possible is they have their own space and their own experience to move through what they need to go through and to come out the other side.

And then we have our own experience to move through what we need to go through and to come out the other side. And the other side of sovereignty will always take us to more love in the end.

4. develop trust in the Divine

Now I know, I know, you’re gonna say that this one is really hard to do. Because frankly, it is for everyone. It’s the same wounding and imprinting and limiting beliefs that are stored in our DNA that tell us that safety means one thing when it actually means another.


And so in this life, we’re constantly working through our psyche’s protection of what it thinks it means to keep us safe, and what true divine core safety really mean.


when we can learn to develop a path in trusting in the divine that rooting into the divine sense of safety is always actual safety, we can develop more proof of it. So when we learn that our desires are only ever leading us to the things that are right for everyone involved, and we trust it and we walk the path of trusting it, everything around it that seems off kilter or out of sorts will ultimately dissolve.

And the path itself will seem to root underneath us. And as we walk forward and trust in the divine, like we root into the path and it grows around us, and we become safer on that very path as to all of our loved ones.


I hope this supports you and making decisions that feel really true to yourself.

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