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balancing surrender and action

How to Integrate Surrender with Action

We’ve all been taught that achieving any goal involves plenty of action, but action that’s just for the sake of it can actually move against the grain of your calling. And yet, it’s precisely what I see many people doing!

There’s definitely such a thing as taking too much action. And when this happens, everything that you do takes away your ability to stay present. Once you lose sight of presence, action can become exhausting. Before you know it, you’re overworking to avoid really having to BE with your feelings.

It’s easy to convince yourself you’re making progress, but, what you build this way is really just a house of cards. The same happens when the things that you’re doing don’t come from a place of inspiration within yourself. 

It’s important to not just follow the linear map your mind thinks it needs to follow to get to your goal.

You wind up throwing a lot of darts, not realizing that the bull’s eye is actually shifting on you with each step…

You might think each dart is necessary because your business, team, and family have practical needs that must be met. Temporarily, those “darts” might provide a quick fix. But over time you may begin to wonder why the foundation of your business or life feels shaky.

Intuitively, you know something is off… but you may not know what.

It’s true that you might be able to force some success. But if your action isn’t aligned with the way the bull’s eye is shifting, it won’t get you to your most fulfilling calling or contribution.

Presence is beckoning you to reset your action on your way to your calling

It takes many steps, each one isn’t supposed to be clear to you until you take the one before it. Strategy – and its implementation – must come from the present, not the past. Sometimes the most viable concept doesn’t succeed because its leader was committed to an antiquated version of what they thought the foundation should be – rather than what it was becoming.

So how do you take action in a way that truly allows you to achieve what you set out to do?

  • Surrender to the experience instead of escaping it.
  • Embody surrender
  • Restore presence
  • Balance action and surrender

And with that, you – and your team – can achieve any goal…

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