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How to Truly Come Alive in Your Emotions and Leadership

We’ve all experienced the wonderful feeling of being truly alive. This fullness of your life’s experience and emotions are hardly comparable to anything else. 

That liveliness is, however, often fleeting, and when it leaves All you want is to feel it again. Is it possible to make this your default state? It most certainly is! 

But it involves something that many people have yet to learn: connecting with your emotions.

Emotions and Sensitivity as Power

I don’t have to tell you how powerful emotions are. They can drag you from one state to another, creating this wild rollercoaster. This is especially true if you’re highly emotional. Some people are naturally this way, and the word we often attach to them is “sensitive.”

Generally speaking, being sensitive has a negative connotation. So when you tell someone that they’re too sensitive, they may feel at least a little offended. If this applies to you, chances are you’re disconnected from your emotions. They’re either hard for you to feel, or you make yourself wrong for feeling them. But if you ask me, being sensitive can be an incredible superpower! 

Feeling everything in your skin means that you understand everything on a deeper level and experience it fully. 

The more we experience, the more we understand. The issue is that most of us have been conditioned to believe that such emotions are a weakness, rather than a superpower, which is why the disconnect happens in the first place. Trying to push those emotions away robs you of life’s wonderful experiences.

To be fully alive, you need to do one thing: let everything permeate through you. Whatever emotion arises, accept it and connect to it. Doing so will give you the kind of lightness that stays for longer. This doesn’t mean that you won’t face challenges. But when they come, you’ll be able to greet them with genuine happiness. Your emotions will simplify and you can use them how they’re intended to be used.

So don’t wish your emotions away. Connect with them fully and you’ll invite that liveliness that all of us need.

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