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How to manage your anxiety

Manage Your Anxiety: How to Burrow Into the Infinite Space of You

Have you ever felt anxiety so powerful that it washed over your entire body? It can feel like needles jabbing into you from all angles, or like a mild numbness that causes you to struggle to get in touch with yourself.

It’s a common feeling and a good indication that you’re not connecting with the entirety of your body, causing you to lose touch with the infinite space inside of you.

Thankfully, I have a remedy for challenges like these. It’s a little exercise that I use to connect more deeply with myself. I call it burrowing…

What is "burrowing" and how will it help manage my anxiety?

Start by closing your eyes and imagine that you’re searching for a doorway. That doorway stands 100 meters in front of you, but you can’t see it. Instead, you’re going to use all your other senses to find your way to the door. Inside that doorway, all of the magic you’re seeking awaits you. All you have to do is find your way to it… 

Focus on a specific part of your body. In the case of anxiety, this may be an area that seems to feel the needles more than any other. Or, it may be a part of your body where you feel actual physical pain.

Focus on that specific area and burrow down into it. As you go down into that area, the infinite space of you will expand out to hold you. It will help you go deeper into the consciousness inside of you.

And as you burrow further, that consciousness will expand to guide you towards the doorway. It will hold you and show you who you really are.

Find that one thing and just keep following it. Allow your senses to guide you and burrow in to carve out space. Eventually, you reach your doorway. And when you choose to open it, you’ll reveal all of the magic that sits within.

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