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What the Future Needs You to Do Now, in the Present Moment

In my previous post, I shared with you the metaphor of Herbert and Sally as the embodiments of what’s perceived to be positive and negative thinking. I explained that neither serves you and that it takes a different approach to co-create with life.

You see, what we perceive as “negative” thinking is really just dwelling on the shadow. Your mind can’t acknowledge the beauty of the present moment, so it tries to run from it. With positive thinking, both your body and mind ignore the present and jump into the future.

Most people think that fear is found only in “negative” thinking, but using “positive” thinking to go around what’s present now is also a sign of unconscious fear.

You essentially pretend that a challenge doesn’t exist and move into a future of what you wish to be true. What you don’t realize is that if you ignore what’s here now, the energy can’t flow into what you wish to create. No matter how inviting the concept of positive thinking seems, it won’t do you any good if you arrive there through fear of the present. Be here and now and bring your body and mind into the present moment.

Use the present to create forward!

Through the present moment, you get to activate your mind’s ability to see into the future and connect you with your heart’s desires. 

Instead of dwelling on or ignoring things, you fully embrace the now and see how it relates to your future. When you arrive at the present, you might notice some unpleasant things arise. The key here is to acknowledge that they’re happening and embrace them.

Embracing what’s upleasant in the present moment allows us to heal those experiences and create toward the future.

In other words, you’ll be able to create into your destiny from the here and now.

To achieve all this, you should recognize and heal any past wounds that activate fear. Fully embracing the present will bring them to the surface, so you can start working towards their healing. At that point, your mind will stop dwelling, organically leaniing towards healthy, loving, and beneficial thoughts.

It will have the necessary space to hold everything that’s happening in the present and you’ll see how it ties into the future that you’re creating.

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